After dropping 32 on Celtics, Michael Beasley says he’s had hot hand since birth

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Remember when it was the “Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose?” debate for the No. 1 pick. (Russell Westbrook ended up the brightest star out of that draft, but at the time taking him fourth, in front of Kevin Love, was seen as a reach.)

Michael Beasley is playing for the Knicks this season on a minimum contract, and he’s scored pretty well for them off the bench — including dropping 32 on the Celtics and their elite defense.

He had the hot hand Thursday — and he believes in the hot hand theory. After the game, Beasley was asked how long he’s had the hot hand.

Well played.

We’ll see if the hot hand carries over to Friday night against Detroit (or if some of it rubs off on Kristaps Porzingis, who was 0-of-11 Thursday).