John Wall supports televising NBA All-Star draft: ‘If they ain’t pick you, they ain’t pick you’

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The NBA is reportedly leaning toward not televising the All-Star draft – which defeats the entire purpose of the attention-generating format change, but protects the feelings of players involved.

LeBron James said he’s cool with televising it. But he’ll probably lead the Eastern Conference in fan voting and would therefore be a captain making the selections.

How does someone likely headed to the pool of draftees feel about it?

Wizards guard John Wall, via Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington:

“I think it should be televised,” he said on NBC Sports Washington’s Wizards Tipoff podcast. “If you made the All-Star Game, it should be televised who is going to be on what team. I don’t think you should call them and then wait until everybody sees who will be an All-Star. They should let it be known. We’re grown men, like [LeBron] said. If they ain’t pick you, they ain’t pick you.”

It’s worth noting that most, if not all players, would respond this way when asked publicly. Those that oppose televising the draft want to avoid an embarrassing outcome. Admitting that beforehand would be self-defeating.

But I’m with what Wall said. Televise the draft. It’d be great entertainment. These grown men can handle it.