Watch Isaiah Thomas react to learning of Kyrie Irving trade (video)


Isaiah Thomas is clearly still bitter about the Celtics trading him to the Cavaliers.

Just as he was returning from celebrating his wedding anniversary in Miami, Thomas received a call from Celtics president Danny Ainge last August informing him of the Kyrie Irving trade. The Players Tribune has video of Thomas shortly after that call.


That’s crazy.

What are you talking about? My kids about to start school. Off the strength. After everything I went through, n—. You’re not supposed to do that. But it’s – I mean, if that’s what he wants. Danny’s like that. But, I mean, I’m not tripping. It’s just crazy that they would do that. Like, I’m not mad like, “N—, you…” I’d be mad if I went to a weak-ass team.

We going to win the Finals, anyway. That’s what’s crazy. But it’s just like, damn, after all I do for – the city going to be mad as f—.

Nobody knows. For him to call me – he didn’t tell nobody. I was cool in Boston. I knew my way around.

I need to go unpack all this s—. Then, I’ll feel a little better.

Thomas’ prior public comments since the trade had been softened by time to process it. This video is illuminating and raw.

Watch how he explains the trade to his family, including his sons. This is The Players Tribune at its best, providing access unavailable elsewhere.