76ers: Markelle Fultz out at least another three weeks

Abbie Parr/Getty Images

76ers president Bryan Colangelo said a couple days ago “the end is near” for Markelle Fultz‘s absence.

This isn’t what anyone else would describe as near.

Jessica Camerato of NBC Sports Philadelphia:

If Fultz’s soreness is gone and his muscle imbalance is resolved, what’s the holdup? He was still working out while not playing games. He should be in decent shape. Does he need to rebuild strength in his shoulder? That could be reasonable, though, again, it doesn’t fit the tone of Colangelo’s prior comments.

Fultz’s injury has sabotaged his jumper, a key component of his game. It’s worth doing whatever it takes, including sitting him as long as necessary, to get him right.

But Philadelphia should also better communicate injury status, a long-running issue with the franchise.