Report: Clippers get disabled player exception for Patrick Beverley


The Los Angeles Clippers lost Patrick Beverley in November to a knee injury. He had surgery and will be out for the rest of the season.

Tack that on to yet another Blake Griffin injury and an ailing Danilo Gallinari, and you can understand why the team is just 8-14 after trying to rebuild in the absence of Chris Paul.

Now, it seems LA will be granted a disabled player exception to help them compensate for the loss of Beverley.

Via Twitter:

It’s hard to tell just what LA is going to do with that exception. Those thinking it could be packaged for some kind of return in a trade with DeAndre Jordan are sure to be disappointed. You can’t trade a DPE or use it as partial cap space.

The Clippers have a payroll of $120 million, so they’re well over the cap. They also don’t necessarily need to add someone to the roster in Beverley’s stead, especially as the free agent pool and $2.75 million awarded don’t match up very well.

Still, teams need to apply for the exception so maybe the Clippers do have something in mind. More importantly, what they do with that money could help us forecast what they plan to do with both Jordan and coach Doc Rivers beyond this season.