PBT Podcast: 2018 NBA Draft talk, end of one-and-done rule with Rob Dauster

Getty Images

Nobody likes the NBA’s one-and-done rule — not NBA teams, not college coaches, not university presidents, and especially not fans.

Momentum is finally building towards changing the rule, but there is concern about what replaces it. Will that really be better for the players, better for the NBA and colleges? Or do we need a more radical system change?

Kurt Helin and Rob Dauster of NBC Sports discuss all of that, bash the concept of NCAA amateurism a little, then get into some of the players at the top of the 2018 draft. How far does Michael Porter Jr. fall? Is or Luca Doncic or Marvin Bagley III the No. 1 pick? What about Deandre Ayton? They cover all that and more in an early draft preview.

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