James Dolan sings the blues about owning the Knicks

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James Dolan doesn’t receive a lot of positive press for his performance as owner of the Knicks, not here nor most places — from mainstream to blogs — around the basketball world. I would argue that’s deserved (as would Knicks fans), but that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant for Dolan.

Dolan also is one of many sports celebrities who has a beef with Deadspin. Dolan didn’t like the tone of a piece at the site about his band and how the perks of being ungodly wealthy and connected in the media world have helped Dolan’s hobby (read: passion) along. And it has.

Deadspin offered to let Dolan write a song roasting the site however he saw fit, to be played at the annual Deadspin Awards show. Dolan obliged… and it dug the hole just a little bit deeper.

Knicks fans can write their own blues tune about his ownership.

Here’s the key lyrics for Knicks fans:

You know I own a basketball team
For most people that would be a dream
For a trust fund kid, it’s a living hell
Always some a****** telling me to sell

You call me up and ask for a quote
Then write a story calling me a dope
Ask me why we don’t win more games
Is there any chance we get LeBron James?

And that’s not even getting into the sniffing glue lyrics.

Just a little PR note to Dolan: Complaining about the “hell” of being a trust-fund kid getting to run a basketball team is not going to play well. With anyone.

On radio interviews around the country now I regularly get asked if the Knicks are back — or at least on their way back — with Phil Jackson gone and Kristaps Porzingis becoming the face of the franchise (and Tim Hardaway Jr. living up to his contract). Maybe, I answer, but then I remind them who owns the team. It’s possible for bad owners to win — see Georgia Frontiere as exhibit 1 — but it is rare and tends to be a fluke. For the sake of Knicks fans I hope I’m wrong here, they have smart people in basketball operations. But it feels like the other shoe will drop at some point.