Watch LeBron James get ejected for the first time in his career (VIDEO)


LeBron James had never been rung from an NBA game until Tuesday night. Then, as the Cleveland Cavaliers were throttling the Miami Heat on NBATV, that all changed.

The call came late in the third quarter with the Cavaliers up by 23 points. James was driving down the left lane line and pulled up short of the rim.

After drawing contact with Heat wing James Johnson, LeBron missed. Thinking he had been fouled, he immediately turned around to gesticulate and chase down referee Kane Fitzgerald.

Via Twitter:

Fitzgerald has a bit of a background when it comes to calling technical fouls, but giving The King his first ever ejection has got to be some sort of weird badge of honor.

I’m not sure the way the league works with stars you’d expect LeBron to have been ejected there, but perhaps he said some magic words that aided the decision.