Marc Gasol: I found out about David Fizdale’s firing after decision was made

AP Photo/Brandon Dill

Marc Gasol might not have explicitly request the Grizzlies fire David Fizdale, but the center’s comments after Memphis’ latest loss were certainly heard – especially in the context of their longstanding tension.

How responsible is Gasol for the Grizzlies firing Fizdale yesterday?

Peter Edmiston of Sports 56:

However the Grizzlies reached their decision on Fizdale was at least partially with Gasol in mind. And that’s OK. He’s a star player, and the team should make reasonable accommodations for him.

Was firing Fizdale reasonable? Tough to say from the outside.

But Gasol ought to know – and probably does – his words carry weight in Memphis. He didn’t necessarily owe it to Fizdale to get in line behind him and stay there forever. The more Gasol resisted, the more likely Fizdale’s firing became.

Gasol needn’t flaunt that power now. He already exercised it. But the rest of us can still understand it exists.