Enes Kanter appeared to enjoy LeBron James getting ejected


LeBron James was ejected for the first time on Tuesday night. The Cleveland Cavaliers star thought he was fouled late in the third quarter during a win over the Miami Heat, 108-97, and promptly chased down referee Kane Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald then tossed LeBron — both for gesticulating, which isn’t allowed, and for choice words.

Enter Enes Kanter.

The New York Knicks big man squeezed himself into the column inches of many an NBA writer over the past month. The whole thing is a bit convoluted, but Kanter invited himself to the party via purposeful misinterpretation of LeBron’s opinion on Dennis Smith Jr.

Now that we have Twitter, of course, we can see disagreements like this between players play out in real time. Not soon after LeBron was ejected from the game, Kanter took to his Twitter account to send out this gem:

I can only assume that Kanter has seen through LaVar Ball what kind of marketing impact you can have when you have zero self respect.

Go Knicks, I guess.