Report: Paul Millsap has successful wrist surgery, out 3 months


Denver Nuggets big man Paul Millsap was rumored to be out significant time this season just months after signing a 3-year, $90 million deal this summer. On Sunday, Millsap reportedly had successful surgery on his left wrist and will miss three months.

This is what we expected when news first broke of Millsap’s prognosis, but it’s a real bummer to confirm it if you’re a Nuggets fan. The Western Conference has been an absolute mess due to injuries of big stars, and many were hoping that Denver could take a leap into the middle of the playoff race after an offensive showing last season and the addition of Millsap.

Still, the Nuggets currently sit 6th in the West and above some of the other teams dealing with injuries including the Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers, and Memphis Grizzlies.

Via Twitter:

You could take the glass half full view here and say that if there was a time for Millsap to be injured, it’s when everyone else is too. Especially if you’re a Nuggets fan and you’re looking down on your perennial playoff rivals by a multiple-game margin before December even starts.

Nuggets fans will certainly be hoping their squad can keep things afloat — and that the rest of the conference doesn’t make up too much ground on them — while Millsap recovers.