Draymond Green gives talk on sports, politics at Harvard (VIDEO)


Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is known for speaking his mind, and on Thursday before he squared off with his teammates against the Boston Celtics he got the chance to do so in front of students at Harvard.

Speaking in front of the crowd at the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School, Green touched on a wide-ranging number of topics including race relations in the U.S., the political nature of NBA players, and Mark Cuban.

Video of the talk can be seen below, but Green no doubt gave students familiar with him what they were expecting when they showed up.

Via Twitter:

Green had many good points, and the “stick to sports” one always gets me. It’s a favorite of sub-100 follower Twitter accounts to yell at both athletes and writers when they start showing favorable political opinion of the opposition. Most NBA players are voting citizens, too, and don’t have any less of a say than Mr. Dog Avi.

Check out the full talk with Green in the Facebook video above or by going here.