Iman Shumpert, wife Teyana Taylor to get new reality show on VHI

Getty Images

The network that gave us Basketball Wives is now giving us something else we all have been dying to know:

What Iman Shumpert‘s home life is like.

Well, what Shumpert’s home life is like on a scripted reality show. (If you think reality shows are unscripted I have a good friend who is a Nigerian prince and we have a great deal for you.)

If you don’t know, Teyana Taylor is a recording artist with a strong career of her own.

Shumpert is part of the problem with struggling Cavaliers, he is averaging 9 points and 5.8 rebounds a game this season and is not terribly efficient. Not that he ever was, but his defense is not making up for it any more.

Now, if they had the camera’s rolling the night Taylor went into early labor with their daughter and Shumpert had to deliver the baby himself, that I would have watched.

This new show… somebody will have to tell me how it is.