Suns’ rookie Josh Jackson: “The physicality of the NBA game is crazy”

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You hear the same thing from guys making the jump from college to the NFL — the speed and physicality of the game makes an enormous leap.

NBA Rookies say the same thing every year. They have gone from going against other 19-20-year-olds still trying to fill out their frame in college to grown-ass men who play a physical game, and it’s an adjustment.

Just look at what Suns rookie Josh Jackson told Bleacher Report.

“The physicality of the NBA game is crazy,” he tells Bleacher Report. “Like our [third] game of the season, I’m f–king guarding Blake Griffin. And I’m barely 200 pounds.”

Welcome to the NBA.

The Bleacher Report story also gets into the adjustment challenges by rookies in the NBA. For example, a changing diet. In college they ate in the dining hall and whatever they wanted — burgers, pizzas, fried food and the like — but when they get to the NBA and realize they need to add muscle and that means altering their diet. Healthy, lean proteins are in and everything they ate growing up is out.

“I had my mom in town for like two weeks, and she was just cooking everything,” Jackson says. “I was like, ‘Ma, I can’t eat this!’ That was one of the hardest parts.”