LeBron what was with that angry Arthur meme Instagram post? “I like Arthur”

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“If I send out an Instagram post, I don’t really check to see how many likes I get. When I send something out, it’s either from the passion of how I’m feeling or what I think needs to be said. I know it’s a lot of noise out there, but it’s all white noise to me. I don’t really get involved in it and I don’t really pay attention to it.”

That was LeBron James telling SLAM magazine that he doesn’t follow the fallout of his social media posts. (Riiiiight.)

But the world pays attention to him. Right after Kyrie Irving and the Celtics won their ninth straight — and the night before LeBron’s good friend Eric Bledsoe was traded to Milwaukee — LeBron posted this.

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It’s a meme from the children’s show Arthur meant to express frustration.

Reporters asked LeBron about it, and he dodged the question. Via Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

“I like Arthur,” James said, when he was asked to explain the post after putting up 30 points, nine assists and eight rebounds against the Bucks. “That’s OK, right?”

Sure. I mean, what grown adult doesn’t spend their evenings watching a glasses-wearing aardvark teach us the lessons of childhood, like doing our homework and chores, and being respectful of others. My nights are spent binging either Stranger Things or Arthur, it’s a tough call.

LeBron is too smart, too savvy, and too polished to put out something without knowing it’s a message to someone. He doesn’t say or post things by accident, or by whim. LeBron is frustrated, and considering the Cavaliers 5-6 start to the season with the worst defense in the NBA, he should be.