John Wall on injury: Channing Frye ‘threw his shoulder into me’


John Wall collided with Channing Frye in the Wizards’ loss to the Cavaliers on Friday, leaving the Washington guard with a shoulder injury.

Wall sure isn’t letting Channing Frye off the hook.

Wall, via Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington:

“I tried to split a screen and it was shoulder to shoulder contact. But I feel like he threw his shoulder into me,” Wall said. “I’ve been on split screens before and hit somebody’s shoulder or hit their body and never had that type of injury. I think his impact, the way he was coming, kind of gave me a stinger.”

Wall doesn’t outright call Frye’s play dirty, but – intentionally or not – he’s casting Frye in a certain light. Wall describes this as an unusual basketball play.

I don’t know Frye’s intent. He’s a slow big man trying to keep up with a lightning-quick Wall. But Frye did step into Wall.

Whatever the intent of Frye’s movement or Wall’s statement, this won’t ease tension in what Washington wants to be a rivalry.