Lamar Odom collapses at a night club (VIDEO)


Lamar Odom, who has had issues in the past with addiction, released a Players’ Tribune article earlier this year that spoke about his journey with both substance abuse and other hardships in his life. It’s well worth the read if you haven’t checked it out before. That’s why Sunday’s video of Odom collapsed at a night club was even harder to see.

According to a video published to TMZ’s YouTube page, Odom collapsed in the early hours of Sunday morning at a night club called Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles.

Odom’s representatives have said that the former Los Angeles Lakers star was dehydrated following a heavy workout routine earlier in the day.

Via TMZ:

Odom was at Bootsy Bellows on the Sunset Strip when several staffers and patrons noticed the ex-NBA star collapsed to the ground around 2 AM. You can see security rush in to help and he seems to be conscious.
The person who shot the video tells TMZ Sports he saw Odom drinking for several hours before the incident.

Odom entered rehab in 2016, something many were happy to see especially after he collapsed at a brothel in 2015.

Here’s hoping Odom is O.K. and he has the help he needs. Addiction is not an on-or-off, black-and-white, fixed-or-broken thing for many people, it’s usually a journey. There can also be long-term health issues with folks coming off of serious addiction like Odom, so hopefully the people around him are taking care of him.