Joel Embiid says he wants to spend entire career with 76ers

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Remember when there was friction between Joel Embiid and the 76ers about his injures?

That all seems like a distant memory with Embiid signed to a five-year max extension, healthy and excelling on the court.

Molly Sullivan of NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Kobe Bryant (Lakers), Tim Duncan (Spurs) and Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks) obviously spent their entire careers with one franchise. Will Embiid follow suit?

Joke about Embiid finishing his career in Philadelphia because his career-ending injury will occur before he has a chance to leave, but injury is the biggest threat here. The 76ers can waive him with his contract only partially guaranteed if prior injuries reoccur significantly enough. Injuries could downgrade him from the franchise player he is.

Plus, there are all the usual concerns – eventual unrestricted free agency and trade possibilities.

But Embiid is an elite player when healthy. He’d have to get hurt pretty badly for them to cut bait.

Under contract for five more seasons, he should be Philadelphia for quite a while – at least.