Stephen Curry mentioned by name in new GOP tax plan, responds on Twitter

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You can be sure Stephen Curry pays his fair share of taxes. And then some. Between being in the highest tax bracket for federal tax and living in California, so the state gets him, plus having to pay a “jock tax” for every game (as do all professional athletes, states and cities tack those on everywhere), he gets hit pretty hard.

But he didn’t expect to get name dropped in the new Republican tax plan.

He did. In fact, he is the only person named in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Here is the verbiage from the portion where the GOP is selling the plan in bullet points:

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes specific safeguards to prevent tax avoidance and help ensure taxpayers of all income levels play by the rules under this new fairer, simpler tax system.

Our legislation will ensure this much-needed tax relief goes to the local job creators it’s designed to help by distinguishing between the individual wage income of NBA All-Star Stephen Curry and the pass-through business income of Steve’s Bike Shop.”

Curry’s response?

Curry now has this over LeBron James — “Well, at least I was named in a Republican tax bill.” Actually, I take that back, that is some of the worst smack talk ever. In fact, LeBron’s more likely to get on Curry for it. As he should. But as very wealthy men, I’m sure Curry and LeBron do quite well with this new plan.