Report: Sixers will not buy out Jahlil Okafor, still looking for trade

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Jahlil Okafor made it clear: He wants out of Philadelphia. Now.

“It could be a buyout, it could be a trade. I just want something to happen rather quickly.”

It’s not going to be a buyout, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The Sixers did not pick up the fourth-year option on Okafor, which worsens his already-low trade value because interested teams can just get him as a free agent next summer for nothing. Okafor’s camp has said they think there are fair trade offers on the table, but what a player/agent think is a fair trade and what a general manager thinks is a fair trade are very different things. They come at it from different perspectives, and we don’t know what offers are really out there.

There is some interest in Okafor, the former No. 3 pick (Boston is one, but they may not want to do it via trade). There are teams who think they can resurrect his career. While his old-school game — below the rim, post-ups, but with terrible defense — will not fit with a lot of teams, he could become an Al Jefferson/Zach Randolph type off the bench if he can accept that role.

But first, he needs to get on a team that will give him the run. He is out of the rotation in Philly, and he wants the chance to prove he has a spot in this league. The Sixers want to move him, but like everything else with the franchise, they will move at their own pace. They will not be rushed into a deal they don’t like.