Watch Khris Middleton throw a basketball at Steven Adams (VIDEO)


Ah yes, NBA “fights”. Where the swings are made up and the techs don’t matter. At least, that’s how it feels anyway.

On Tuesday night in Milwaukee, Bucks PG Khris Middleton got tangled up late in the second quarter with Oklahoma City Thunder big man Steven Adams. The two squared off, and Middleton eventually threw the ball at Adams’ chest.

Then the fun began.

Via Twitter:

By my count, here’s what happened:

1. Adams held Middleton on a rebound, which is what NBA big men do basically every play.
2. Middleton didn’t like that so he gave him a little karate chop.
3. Adams flipped the ball to Middleton.
4. Middleton executed the eponymous chest pass, as it were.

The two came together and had to be separated by officials. Middleton got a technical foul for initiating the scrum, and Adams earned himself a tech presumably for not ducking.