Here’s what the NBA looked like on Halloween night (PHOTOS)


LeBron Jamesβ€˜ Halloween party sure did look like a lot of fun, but The King and his buddies weren’t the only ones to celebrate a holiday that has seemed to belong to the NBA the last few years.

Both fans and players alike were getting into the spirit on Tuesday night, with everything from costumes, to shoes, to practical jokes being played on unsuspecting grocery shoppers.

We also got some great photos from other Halloween costumes attended by players. Of course, every year we have to keep our eyes peeled for the NBAer who shows up dressed as a referee. That honor went to Enes Kanter this season.

Here’s what the NBA looked like on Halloween Night in 2017:

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Damn, Nick Young going as Prince from the famous β€œChappelle’s Show” sketch feels so perfect.