Knicks reiterate they won’t trade parts of young core for Eric Bledsoe


There has been much speculation about the landing spot for Phoenix Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe after he publicly tweeted that he no longer wanted to be in Phoenix. Or was it that he didn’t want to be in a hair salon? It’s hard to tell.

Whatever leverage the Suns may have had in the past is now gone with Bledsoe’s intentions apparently being made clear. That hasn’t stopped Phoenix from asking a king’s ransom for the star point guard, a sum that has taken aback many interested suitors.

One potential landing place for Bledsoe that makes sense is the New York Knicks. The team has previously been linked with Bledsoe. Phoenix tried to offer the PG up for the No. 4 pick in 2015, which New York used on Kristaps Porzingis. They were also linked to him this summer as they searched for a replacement for Derrick Rose.

Indeed, New York was one of the teams to reach out to the Suns after Bledsoe’s tweet. Phoenix, in turn, apparently asked for Frank Ntilikina and Willy Hernangomez, which the Knicks rebuffed. New York has said they are committed to their young players, something that president Steve Mills reiterated on Sunday morning.

According to Mills, New York is not interested in giving up Ntilikina or Hernangomez in exchange for Eric Bledsoe and the final $29 million of his contract, even if the pairing with Porzingis would likely be better than any offensive attack the Knicks have mounted since 2013-14.

This could be posturing on the part of New York — Ntilikina and Hernangomez are obviously nowhere near the contributors Bledsoe is — but it makes sense as teams try to internally and externally negotiate for Bledsoe with Phoenix. This is perhaps the most interesting part of a trade during the regular season, as what teams reportedly will and won’t do can get pretty hilarious and transparent.

Meanwhile, Bledsoe is not with the team. Phoenix lost to the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday night, 114-107, and Bledsoe did not play.