PBT Extra: Markelle Fultz rests shoulder, but why are Sixers questioning injury cause?


Markelle Fultz‘s shoulder is messed up, and that has led to a couple odd things that I get into in this latest PBT Extra.

First, a Sixers team that was incredibly cautious with the injuries of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons (granted, those were more serious), allowed Fultz to just play through it.

Second, and maybe stranger, when Fultz told our Dan Felman that it was the injury that led to his altered and ineffective shooting form, Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo responded that Fultz changed his shooting form before the injury, and maybe the change was what caused it. Fultz’s trainer denies the change was first.

Why would Sixers management even go down the “shot caused the injury” road? What exactly is to be gained by getting in a public relations battle with your recent No. 1 pick? What is the advantage of ticking off the player and his agent? You can be sure other players and agents noticed the Sixers comments, and it isn’t going to help the team bring in free agents. Even if you think the change caused the injury, a good GM picks his battles and lays off of this one.

The drama doesn’t stop in Philly.