PBT Extra: Suns put themselves in bind with Eric Bledsoe situation


When you fire your coach three games into the NBA season, and that’s not the biggest problem you’ve had, it’s going to be a rough year.

In this latest PBT Extra I get into how the Suns have mishandled the Eric Bledsoe situation from the start — he asked to be traded, and they responded that since they gave him the keys to the team they have struggled. The Suns said it was about his contract. First, why create the bad blood? It does them no good — other players see this, their agents see this, they all think like their fellow player, and it factors into free agents considering coming to Phoenix. Secondly, yes they did lose with Bledsoe as “the man” — because management traded away both Morris brothers plus Isaiah Thomas for picks, and their free agent signings have been unimpressive. Bledsoe didn’t have enough around him to win.

The Suns have no leverage in this trade and opposing teams are shocked at how much the Suns are asking. For example, the Bucks aren’t going to give up Malcolm Brogdon (and if they do that should concern the Suns). Milwaukee is going to wait Phoenix out. out. The Suns are going to take a bath on this deal, and the offers are not going to get better over time.