Kyrie Irving expresses concern about safety of Bucks’ old-arena court

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Bucks are scheduled to host the Celtics at their old arena – once called MECCA, now called UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena – tonight.

Boston guard Kyrie Irving doesn’t sound enthused.

Chris Forsberg of ESPN:


I’m all about safety, so we’ll see how it is on my knees, see how it is on everyone’s bodies. I know that this is a pretty older court. It looks like it is fresh-painted, as well. So, I’m just going to do my assessment and go from there.

It took me three steps to realize this that is not the same NBA court that I’m used to playing on. So, we’ll see what’s up.

It’s unsurprising Irving, with his history of knee injuries, is particularly sensitive to court conditions.

But this is a new court. Darren Rovell of ESPN:

It seems Irving is jumping to an incorrect conclusion about the court, but perhaps the court has its own issues?

Hopefully, this game goes on as anticipated with no injuries.