Lawrence Frank: DeAndre Jordan is a Clipper for life

Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images
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Clippers president Lawrence Frank called Blake GriffinClipper Royalty,” and a few days later, the Clippers gave Griffin a five-year max contract.

So, it jumps out when Lawrence Frank puts DeAndre Jordan in similar company.

Frank, via Elliott Teaford of The Orange County Register:

We look at Blake and D.J. (DeAndre Jordan) as Clippers for life. We wanted to continue to build around Blake and D.J.

Jordan is eligible for a contract extension that could start next season at up to $27,170,820 and be worth up to $121,725,274 over four years. Or he could wait until next summer’s free agency, when his max starting salary projects to be $35 million, which would carry a five-year max of $205 million if he re-signs or a four-year max of $152 million if he signs elsewhere. Or he could exercise his $24,119,025 2017-18 option and hit free agency the following summer.

The 29-year-old Jordan faces some important choices ahead. This could be his last big payday.

He’s an elite rebounder and finisher, and long an impactful defender due to his physical tools, Jordan has significantly improved his defensive awareness. But it’s a tightening market, especially for traditional centers. He’s not a clear max player next summer.

If the Clippers are as willing to commit financially to him as Frank sounds, Jordan should probably take them up on it.