PBT Extra: Five Teams with a chance to beat the Warriors


So you’re saying there’s a chance….

It feels like the odds of any team knocking off a healthy Golden State Warriors team are about the same as you dying because you were crushed by a falling vending machine, but there is a chance. In this latest PBT Extra, I talk about the five teams with that chance.

I think Cleveland has the best shot. First, they have LeBron James. Second, once they get healthy the Cavaliers have a good team around him with Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade, and seasoned role players. Finally, the Cavs will come out of a soft East, while by the time the Warriors get to the Finals they will have had to fight through three physical, demanding Western Conference playoff rounds. The Warriors might be worn down.

It likely doesn’t matter in the end, the Warriors are a force of nature. But I’m saying there’s a chance.