Video Bold Prediction for NBA Season: Grizzlies consider trading Gasol, Conley


This past summer, when teams called Memphis and asked about the availability of Marc Gasol or Mike Conley they were quickly shot down. The Grizzlies may have moved on from Tony Allen and Zach Randolph, but they are not tanking, they are counting on contributions from JaMychael Green and (knock on wood) Chandler Parsons, and to be in the playoff mix in the West.

However, if that does not happen (and maybe even if it does), look for Memphis to open up their stance on Gasol and Conley.

This is the final of my bold predictions for the upcoming NBA season. Gasol and/or Conley may not be traded at the deadline this season (that would depend on the offers), but they are going to move from a hard no to listening and negotiating. The franchise knows a rebuild is coming, they may move toward it sooner rather than later.

The real key to this (not covered in the video above) could be the potential sale of the team. In the coming weeks, two minority owners of the Grizzlies have the option to buy the team outright from majority owner Robert Pera. Any change in ownership puts everything around the organization up for potential change.