Potential No. 1 pick Luka Doncic crosses defender out of his shoes. Literally.

Getty Images

Who knows if Luca Doncic — the 18-year-old Slovenian who stars for European power Real Madrid — will be the No. 1 pick next June. His skills are more developed right now than Michael Porter or Marvin Bagley, but he doesn’t have the natural athleticism of those guys (or other top prospects).

What the 6’8″ point-forward has are mad skills and a feel for the game. And, it turns out, a crossover that can knock a defender out of his shoes. Literally.

Damn, that’s cold.

Doncic as a No. 1 pick level prospect is still a little divisive among the scouts I’ve talked to. Nobody thinks he will be a bust, his skills and feel for the game are exceptional for an 18-year-old, but is he worth a No. 1 pick in a draft with some real athletic talent at the top? Depends on who you ask. And it’s a question for next June.

For now, we just get to enjoy the show.