Report: Andrew Wiggins’ contract extension contains no player option

Getty Images

Andrew Wiggins finally signed his contract extension with Timberwolves, who didn’t reveal any key details.

Was it the five-year max extension widely reported to be on the table? Did Wiggins get a player option?

Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports:

The deal projects to be worth $146.45 million, but the exact amount won’t be known until the salary cap is set next summer. The lack of a player option is locked in, and that’s the big development.

Minnesota secures Wiggins from ages 23 through 28, what should be the prime of his career. That fifth season, allowable in an extension only with a max salary, is what the Timberwolves are paying for.

Locking up Wiggins for so long is what makes this deal defensible. Don’t let his volume scoring and athleticism fool you. He’s still lacking all-around skills necessary to being a top-flight player.

Minnesota would be overpaying based on Wiggins’ current production. This is a bet on Wiggins’ development, and it’s only even arguably worthwhile with that extra year of team control.