Wizards fear Sheldon Mac has a torn Achilles


More bad preseason injury news.

Washington Wizards guard Sheldon Mac has reportedly suffered a torn Achilles tendon. The injury occurred during Washington’s Sunday matchup with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mac, 24, was expected to be a scoring contributor on a hopeful top playoff team in the Eastern Conference this season.

Via Twitter:

Mac is on the second half of a 2-year deal, the latter portion of which is unfortunately non-guaranteed. He will get $50,000 of this season’s contract, but the rest of the deal won’t be guaranteed until January 10.

Confirmation of a torn Achilles tendon will mean that Mac will miss the entire season. If the Wizards do have a shot at becoming a top three team in the East, it will be interesting to see what they do with that roster spot. It’s very likely the undrafted sophomore player could get cut as the Wizards look to solidify the playoff rotation.