Jeremy Lin responds to Kenyon Martin after former NBAer blasts him for dreadlocks


Jeremy Lin has dreadlocks now. He wrote an entire article on The Players’ Tribune about it.

If you haven’t read it, it’s well worth it and it details not only the reasoning for Lin wanting to grow his hair out, but the process in which he took to get there and just how thoughtful he has been about it.

Essentially, Lin said that he wanted to do something new with his hair, which he has become known for. He also said that he consulted people before he decided to get the new cut, and he also mentioned that he wanted to make sure it wasn’t cultural appropriation. Lin finished off his article by saying that it’s possible that he’s still wrong about getting dreadlocks.

Now, former NBA player Kenyon Martin is saying he doesn’t agree with Lin’s new hairstyle.

Via Instagram:

Lin, meanwhile, responded in kind both on Instagram and after the Brooklyn Nets’ preseason game against the Miami Heat.

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I doubt this will be the last time we talk about this issue.