Kobe Bryant says he’d kneel during national anthem if he were still playing

Ron Cortes/Getty Images

What would Kobe Bryant do during the national anthem if he were still playing?

Kobe, via The Hollywood Reporter:


I mean, maybe. But no NBA player has enacted that protest since Colin Kaepernick started the trend, and the league is pressuring players to stand.

In 2004 free agency, Kobe said he could see himself playing for the Clippers, who were owned by Donald Sterling, whose history of racism was already known. When Sterling’s racist audio recording caused a firestorm a decade later and Kobe was locked into a Lakers contract, Kobe proclaimed he couldn’t play for him.

There’s nuance to both situations, but it’s also easier to say you’d take a brave stance in a situation you know you won’t face than to actually take a brave stance.