New Nike jersey torn off Lakers’ Tyler Ennis’ back in opener

Getty Images

ANAHEIM — Tyler Ennis was having a really nice game for the Lakers as a backup point guard in the preseason opener. He made smart decisions, he was calm and patient with the ball, and he ended up with six points and eight assists (as many dimes as Lonzo Ball had).

But Ennis had to leave the game in the fourth quarter when the jersey was ripped off his back.

I didn’t know these new Nike jerseys were tearaway because that wasn’t that hard a tug from Minnesota’s Aaron Brooks.

Ennis was trying to leak out on the break, Brooks did what veterans do, and suddenly Ennis was being told by the officials to take a seat and get a new jersey (he threw the one he had into the stands).

Here’s one vote for tearaway jerseys becoming a trend this season. Nike may not like that idea, but it seems kind of college football cool to me.