Draymond Green discusses why Warriors didn’t take knee for anthem

Associated Press

Opening night in the NBA saw no anthem protests outside the ordinary, three teams locked arms as was done in NBA arenas a year ago but nobody took a knee or went back to the locker room (as the WNBA’s Sparks have done), it was quiet.

The Warriors, at the center of a controversy with President Donald Trump about a visit to the White House, did nothing. After the game, Draymond Green explained the players’ decision (via Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News).

“There wasn’t a discussion or a decision. We said what we had to say. Everybody knows we don’t need to do anything else to show where we stand. Everyone knows where we stand. People make what they want out of it. It’s at a point now where everyone knows where the conversation started. It’s about capitalizing on that and making things better. [Kaepernick] made the statement a year ago. I don’t knock anybody for doing what they want to do or what they feel they need to do. But the conversation started at this point. The more you make gestures, that becomes the conversation. That’s besides the point.”

The Warriors have made their statement already, they chose not to make another.