Report: DeAndre Jordan negotiating his own extension with Clippers

Getty Images

This summer the Clippers did better than anyone reasonably should have expected after Chris Paul decided to pair up with James Harden — the Clippers re-signed Blake Griffin quickly, got quality players back in the trade with Houston such as Patrick Beverley and Sam Dekker, and signed free agent Danilo Gallinari.

However, the question still lingered: What is the long-term plan? Who is part of that future?

DeAndre Jordan may be part of that plan. He has a player option next summer for $24.1 million, but he and the Clippers are already talking extension — and we mean he and the Clippers. Not his agent. Via Brodrick Turner of the L.A. Times.

The question is at what cost? Blake Griffin is maxed out, and the Clippers would like to get Jordan at a discount, but we are talking about an All-Star, an All-NBA center (third team last season) who averaged an efficient 12.7 points and 13.8 rebounds per game last season. There will be other teams willing to come in big, even in what will be a tight financial market.

With Steve Ballmer looking to get a new stadium built in Los Angeles, there will be a push to keep the stars in house and win games for the Clippers — they are not going to bottom out, that’s bad for stadium building. Jordan is one of the biggest Clippers stars, a guy Doc Rivers built up into this powerhouse. He’s a fan favorite, the guy who provides the highlight alley-oop finishes. It makes sense to keep him.

The only question is the cost.