Suns’ rookie Josh Jackson jokingly calls Stephen Curry “small and unathletic”

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Some wanted to take as a serious dig — because welcome to the internet — but it doesn’t feel that way in the video.

And Josh Jackson himself wants you to know it was not some serious shot across the bow of a two-time MVP.

It always felt like the Suns’ rookie Jackson, recently signed by Under Armour, was having a little good-natured fun with the face of that brand. In a VICE video where Jackson plays chess against an old man, Jackson does call Stephen Curry small and unathletic. But it feels tongue in cheek. Here is the full quote.

“(The NBA) player that I compare least to? Probably Steph Curry. Just because, you know, he’s known as a shooter and I’m not. You know, he’s small and unathletic.” 

When this started to blow up online (because the feel of the video didn’t translate to the written page), Jackson jumped on Twitter to calm it down.

Of course, Curry has been considered too small and not athletic enough for years. Division I college coaches felt that way, so he went to Davidson and raised that program up. Then a number of NBA GMs thought so — David Kahn in particular — and passed on Curry until he landed in the Warriors lap. This sort of played into that.

Jackson said the player he does want to compare best with is Kawhi Leonard. That’s a good, lofty goal.