Report: NBA cap will be set at $101 million for 2018-19, $108 million for 2019-20

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Are you excited that your favorite team spent something like $11 million on player you didn’t think was that good? Well I have some good news for you.

Over the next two seasons, your team can do it again.

Is because a report from Yahoo! Sports has the NBA salary cap being finalized at $101 million for 2018-19 and $108 million for 2019-20. That’s up from the $99 million cap that was set for the 2017-18 NBA season.

Via Twitter:

In all seriousness, teams didn’t seem to spend more reasonably this summer in anticipation of a cap that would not continue to rise to astronomical Heights in coming years. The summer of 2016 seemed a little more ridiculous when things were being anticipated.

Still, over $100 million is a lot of money for a roster. It will be interesting to see the interactivity between the rising, NBA free agency, and the upcoming draft reform. How teams spend their money and on what experience of players could change in the future in small or significant ways.