Democrats invite Stephen Curry, Warriors to D.C. after Trump fiasco


Perhaps sensing a political opportunity, it appears that Democratic leaders across the country have invited Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr, and the rest of the Golden State Warriors to Washington D.C. for visit.

This comes hot on the heels of a debacle between the Warriors and Donald Trump. Last week, Curry said that he was planning on voting no during a team meeting in which they would finally decide whether or not the team would visit the White House as NBA champions.

Trump heard about Curry’s remarks and decided to just disinvite to the team over Twitter. That prompted a reaction around the league, from both athletes and commentators alike.

On Tuesday, Democratic leaders responded by issuing the invitations.

Via Twitter:

This is political opportunism at its best. Visiting Washington D.C. as a reigning sports champion is a neat benefit for many teams, but the fervor around the conversation recently has been that it is some kind of obligation. It’s certainly nice that the Democrats made it clear that the Warriors are welcome in the capital, but some kind of compulsion to visit Washington D.C. after a Finals win is misplaced.

Given the thoughtful response from Kerr and the rest of the Warriors, it doesn’t seem as though the Golden State team would try to help the Democrats curry political favor by taking up their offer. Maybe they will, who knows?

Plus, media day was Monday. That’s the start of the season baby. No time for travel now, it’s time to try to chase down another trophy.