Mark Cuban tells Snoop Dogg story about “meeting” Dr. J for the first time (VIDEO)


Mark Cuban has some pretty incredible stories to tell. The Dallas Mavericks owner went on Snoop Dogg’s YouTube show to spin some tales, one of them being how he “met” NBA legend Julius Erving for the first time.

Cuban’s story starts at 2:57 in the video above. In it, he talks about the first major player he was interested in speaking to after becoming a NBA owner.

That player was Dr. J, and in his story Cuban says that he was essentially too nervous to go up and speak to the Philadelphia 76ers Hall of Famer.

Via YouTube:

My first All-Star Game, I think it was D.C. that I went to and I got tickets, I owned the team. And I see Dr. J, and I did one of these — I gave my guy a camera, wasn’t even a phone camera it was a camera — and I’m like “You go stand over there”.

And I literally have framed in my office a picture of Dr. J just standing there, and me doing one of these (smiles and mimicks leaning out from behind someone).

So there you have it. At one point in time, Mark Cuban was too afraid to go up and talk to Julius Erving. I feel like that’s probably not the case these days, but I think some of us all have this kind of story with big names we see out and about.