What beef? Kevin Durant says he and Stephen Curry all good

Associated Press

When you live in the fishbowl of the Golden State Warriors, things can get blown way out of proportion.

Kevin Durant was on the Bill Simmons’ podcast recently and said (when talking about Maryland getting an Under Armour shoe deal): “… Nobody wants to play in Under Armours, I’m sorry. Like, the top kids don’t because they all play Nike.” Obviously, Durant’s teammate Stephen Curry is the face of Under Armour.

This led to speculation about friction between the Warriors two stars, something Durant shot down talking to Rachel Nichols of ESPN.

“We was never in a bad place when I said that. So it’s like we didn’t have to patch anything up. … Me and Steph, we talked about that. He had a conversation with me about it, and I understood. We moved on….

“Everybody trying to figure out a way to break us up, so they gonna use that too.”

Curry said he called Durant up and had a talk about perception and how Under Armour has evolved. He also said there was never an issue.

Teams — even the most successful, popular teams — love the “us against the world” narrative. They thrive on it. So KD can slam his teammate’s shoes then say “what beef, you guys are just trying to break us up” with a straight face. The reality is the Warriors are under the NBA’s biggest magnifying glass, and everything they say and do will be dissected and debated. Everyone wants to inject a little more drama into the NBA season because, as Jeff Van Gundy said, if they stay healthy the Warriors are going to run away with another title.