Report: NBA proposal gives Adam Silver broad power to fine teams for resting players

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

The NBA is on track to implement rules that punish teams for resting players.

Who determines the fines, and on what basis?

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

What’s to stop teams from resting players and calling it an injury? That’s how it used to work, players missing games with “back spasms” or some other mysterious malady. Will teams really be investigated on a case-by-case basis whether their injured players are really hurt or just resting?

That’s a lot of power to hand NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Even with the best of intentions – which I believe Silver would generally have – it’d be difficult to enforce this rule non-arbitrarily.

Most times a player is “resting” involve multiple factors, including minor bumps and bruises. How much must rest factor into the equation for it to draw a fine? 100% 50%? 1%? How will these evaluations be made?

I suspect teams will generally get in line behind the spirit of the rule change and play their healthy players during nationally televised games and stagger other resting opportunities. But if anyone pushes the limit, this could get messy in a hurry.