Boris Diaw signs to play in France, but with NBA opt-out

Getty Images

After 14 seasons, 1,064 games, and one championship ring, Boris Diaw’s NBA run may have come to an end.

Diaw came off the bench as a veteran for the Jazz last season, providing some leadership off the court and a little passing on it to help that team take a step forward. However, this summer he couldn’t find the same kind of NBA deal, and now has signed in France, according to multiple reports.

Diaw played just less than 18 minutes a game for the Jazz last season, but at age 35 his athleticism and skills have slipped, and he scored just 4.6 points per contest and shot 24.7 percent from three. He can still back guys down in the post and make a clever pass, but he’s not the same guy.

Maybe, after some teams are hit with injuries this season, Diaw gets a call. But more than likely, this is the end of one of the more entertaining NBA careers of the past couple decades.