Jury selection in trial of Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris for assault starts Wednesday

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Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris are about to get their day in court.

Jury selection in an assault case against the brothers stemming from a 2015 incident — when both were playing for the Suns — where the brothers and three others were accused of beating up a man outside a recreational basketball game will begin on Wednesday. It will be followed immediately by the trial, reports the AP via AZCentral.com.

Jury selection is set to begin Wednesday in Phoenix in the aggravated assault trial of NBA players and identical twins Marcus and Markieff Morris.

Marcus currently plays for the Boston Celtics, while Markieff is with the Wizards.

Back in 2015, the brothers were investigated and eventually charged with felony aggravated assault joining three other men to allegedly beat up Erik Hood at a recreational basketball tournament in the Phoenix area (hood ended up in the hospital with a broken nose and other injuries). The motivation allegedly had been Hood sending “inappropriate” text messages to the Morris brothers’ mother. From the start, both brothers said they were at the tournament but have denied any involvement in the attack.

From the start, both brothers have denied any involvement. Often cases like this are pled down to a lesser charge, however, the twins may not be willing to do that — any admission of guilt would come with a suspension from the NBA in addition to whatever punishment is ordered by the court. Plus, the brothers say they were not involved.