Jaylen Brown rapped and produced song to prepare for defending LeBron James

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

LeBron James‘ and Kevin Durant‘s collaboration had a short run as the hottest unheard track performed by an NBA player.

Next up? Maybe the song Jaylen Brown wrote and rapped to ease his nerves before the Celtics’ then-rookie guarded LeBron James in last year’s Eastern Conference finals.

Avery Yang of SportTechie:

He finally settled on an unorthodox solution — to create a three-minute, 31-second rap song that he rapped, produced and composed himself, one that would boost his self-esteem and get him past the urge to vomit before games in nervousness. Brown listened to the song, entitled Building Blocks, several times before all five games of a playoff series in which he held his own against James defensively.

Game day and it’s time to focus in. … Is you ready, I can feel you breathing heavy, keep it steady. I just gotta pretend that I got it all together when I don’t. Probably wanna throw up but I won’t … just breathe. —Jaylen Brown, Building Blocks

Breathe in, breathe out, listen to my voice breathe in, breathe out. (Expletive) you ain’t got a choice, breathe in, breathe out. I can feel my hands sweaty, I can feel my legs heavy. —Jaylen Brown, Building Blocks

LeBron shot 79% while Brown was on the court in the Eastern Conference finals.