Who will make 2018 Hall of Fame class? Jason Kidd a lock. Grant Hill…

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Tracy McGrady headlined the NBA portion of the 2017 Hall of Fame class. George McGinnis was on that list, too, as was Jerry Krause.

What NBA names will make it in 2018?

One name is a lock: Jason Kidd. One of the great point guards the game has ever seen, he was a 10 time All-NBA player, nine-time All-Defensive Team, 10-time All-Star and an NBA champion (2010 Dallas Mavericks). This is a no brainer. First ballot, no question.

Then things get interesting.

What about Grant Hill? Rookie of the Year, five-time All-NBA, seven-time All-Star, a college star at Duke, and a great ambassador for the game beloved by many. People like him and will want to vote for him, but did he have a Hall of Fame career?

What about Jerry Stackhouse?  Marcus Camby? Rasheed Wallace? All had great careers but I’m not sure any of them make the cut.

At least one holdover from this year’s voting who didn’t get in should — Sidney Moncrief. Two-time Defensive Player of the Year, five time All-NBA, and one of the better players of his generation. Considering his contributions in both college and the NBA — five-time All-NBA player — Chris Webber should make the cut, too.


However, I have a better chance of predicting a roulette spin than I do the Hall of Fame voting any given year. It took the Hall so long on Spenser Haywood it was embarrassing. Guys I think should be in fall short, and there are always head scratchers on the NBA side. Part of that is this is the basketball Hall of Fame and rightfully considers areas outside just NBA play, but that leads to some interesting choices at times.

Kidd, however, is a sure bet.