Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard is apparently a vegan now


What is the most Portland thing that Damian Lillard could do? The answer is obvious.

According to a recent post to his Instagram, the Portland Trail Blazers star point guard is now going with a vegan diet.

Lillard decided to move to a vegan cuisine in order to drop some pounds this season. The goal for Lillard was to get down to the 190 pounds he played at when he was a rookie.


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Checking in at 190 lol… strong and fast babyyyyy

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This has to be some kind of a response to Lillard battling with constant aches and pains over the course of last season. The point guard has been rock solid for the Trail Blazers in his five seasons with the team, playing in all 82 regular season games in his first three seasons and 75 regular season games each of the last two.

But Lillard had to deal with a nagging leg injury last year, and it was clear that he didn’t have the explosiveness he needed in the first half of the season. C.J. McCollum was at times a more important player for the Trail Blazers due to some of Lillard’s up and down play as he tried to force the issue.

Most of us wouldn’t decide to go with a vegan diet, but if you had to the best way to do it certainly would be with a private chef. No doubt fans in Portland are hoping to see a quicker Lillard next year.