LeBron James reveals the new Nike LeBron 15 sneaker


For those fans of LeBron James and his signature sneaker line, today was a very good day.

Thanks to a post on his Instagram, we saw what James’ new shoe for the upcoming season is going to look like. According to James, this particular colorway is going to be called the “Ghost” version of the Nike LeBron 15.

The shoe itself looks pretty incredible and definitely takes some design cues from Nike shoes that came before it. You can see the influence of the Durant 9 and Kanye West Yeezy 2 Platinum here.

Via Instagram:

While I personally think the one piece type of shoe that gets rid of the tongue is one of the stupider trends in today’s sneaker design, from an aesthetic standpoint this new LeBron certainly looks great.

I mean, LeBron’s first signature shoe for Nike was designed after a Hummer H2, so anything has to be better than that. This is one sleek looking shoe and is in the early running to join the LeBron IV, VIII, IX, and X As some of the best shoes to come from that line.