Kyrie Irving’s “Uncle Drew” movie now has a cast photo


Because 2017 just can’t get out of its own way, we are going to get a Kyrie Irving “Uncle Drew” movie.

Inspired by the uninspiring ad campaign run by Pepsi for now Boston Celtics guard Irving, the movie will feature several NBA players apparently in similar garb to Irving. That is, it will feature a plot about “getting the band back together” with guys like Shaquille O’Neal and Chris Webber in old man makeup.

As I wrote about this specific feature back in February, It seems reasonable that in 2017 we have ads for soda turning into full length feature movies. It’s the next logical step and just several behind unskippable ads populating your wi-fi enabled smart contact lenses sometime in the next two decades.

Meanwhile, here is a recently released photo of some of the cast members along with Irving himself.

Via Twitter:

OK Nate Robinson looks pretty good but there is just no possible way you could convince me to go see this movie. Some people just don’t know how to set $15 on fire anymore, so I guess we might as well all pay to watch a commercial.